Project Description

graficka naslovnica

Croatian graphic artist magazine

This luxurious magazine is published in countries of former Yugoslavia. Its main topics aim to educate the graphic industry. The main areas of interest are printing technologies, press, printing equipment, processing, offset printing, digital printing, flexible printing and current topics in international graphic industry, marketing, digital and electronic media and publishing industry.
The magazine is received by experts and technologists in the greatest printing houses in these countries. It received significant domestic and foreign awards for its quality and design. It has deluxe design, it is theme oriented and special emphasis is given to various graphic forms, be it themes, processing, choice of materials for printing. The magazine has been successfully published for 11 years. It is sold solely by subscription. Layout is unusual, A3, but it gives the magazine special charm and functionality not only with regard to photographs and articles, but with regard to design itself.

design naslovnica

Graphic design magazine

The magazine is published within the Grafička revija program. With the first issue, this Robinson publishing project immediately caught the interest of the readers. Its concept revolves around advancing graphic design, educating designers, informing them on global and international level. In addition, the magazine covers digital media design, design of interior, business premises and mobile facilities, ties between design and flexible printing, digital printing and electronic media, as well as novelties in various technologies and above mentioned segments. The editorial team is especially pleased because various designer studios and companies showed interest in the magazine.